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48 études, op. 31.

Franz Wilhelm Ferling (1796-1894) was a German oboist, composer, and clarinetist.
An accomplished musician, he is chiefly remembered today for his 48 études for oboe, op. 31, commonly interpreted by oboists and saxophonists. Wikipedia

The 48 studies for oboe were adapted for saxophone by the famous French saxophonist Marcel Mule (1901-2001).

In the repertory of the saxophone, the 48 Etudes by Ferling play an important role. These well-known pieces are commonly used by saxophone players to develop their technical and melodic skills. André Waignein has composed piano accompaniments to these Etudes recording with Nobuya Sugawa, internationally acclaimed saxophonist whom Japan is very much proud. André Waignein and Nobuya Sugawa play Ferling’s beautiful music with piano accompaniments which give this music completely new dimension.

I’ll be playing Ferling’s 48 studies in the Nobuya Sugawa Style at The Floating World: Japanese Prints from the Bancroft Collection at the Worcester Art Museum on Thursday March 2nd for Flora 2023 at 2.p.m.

Curiously, 48 of these Japanese prints are displayed for the first time and come from the collection of John Chandler Bancroft (1835-1901). Chandler and Ferling belong to the same century.

Piano: Ethel Howard
Saxophone: Hans Betancourth

By Hans

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