10. Melodic structure

Peter McNeaney
October 31/2023


Special Function Dominant Seventh Chords bVII7

Line Cliches

Voice Leading

bVII7 is a special function dominant 7th

Alex Ulanowsky. Berklee. Harmony 4, Chapter 3, Pg 9- 10

Line Cliche

Barrie Nettles. Berklee, Harmony 2, Pg 40

Pg 95 – 97

Voice leading

Any pitch (except the roots) from a chord structure
would move to the nearest chord tone of the subsequent chord following an order of preference:

Common tone (no movement)

Half-step movement

Whole-step movement

Movement in thirds (major or minor

Barrie Nettles. Berklee, Harmony 2, Pg 23

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