5. Melodic Structure


Peter McNeaney

September 26/2023



 A tetrachord is a series of four notes

The name comes from tetra (from Greek—”four of something”) and chord (from Greek chordon—”string” or “note”).

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The first tetrachord of a C major scale is C, D, E, F. The second tetrachord of the C major scale is G, A, B, and C.

The confidence needed to apply concepts like “four-note grouping” (Bergonzi Vol.1) or “tetrachord” during improvisation can only be developed in studio routines through repetition.

It takes less than 10 seconds to understand what a tetrachord is, that’s as far as words go. Theoretical understanding is the simplest part, once the concept is understood it is advisable to stop thinking words or make mathematical calculations: silence your mind, open your ears. This gives better results.

Apply concepts at any scale to develop trumpet technique and listen carefully to put creativity into action.

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