7. Melodic Structure

Jerry Bergonzi
Chapter XII

Peter McNeaney
October 10/2023

Chapter XII

Alternative Intervalic Groupings of 1-5

There are unlimited posibilities of four notes grouping (…)

Bergonzi (page 79)

A single group can be applied to a chord progression.
Choose notes from that group that fit each chord.

1235 of D major over All of Me:

Learning from the Masters

Remember Bergonzi’s words

Improvisation is individual expression and only you can play you the best (page 6).

Musical improvisation is a subjective art and what sounds “right” or “good” to a player is entirely individual (page 7).

To make progress learning how to improvise it is necessary to limit the infinite musical options (page 8).

The purpose of this four note system is to simplify and organize melodic material. Limiting the possibilities as you practice helps you to become familiar with the vast musical language available when improvising (page 10).

Bergonzi (Vol 1)
Play transcriptions over the records
Listen to groove

You should find the groove before you start playing. It doesn’t matter whether you know the song or not. If you need to, let a few measures go by while you figure out what the groove is saying. Once you find the groove, It doesn’t matter what note comes out; it will “feel” right to the listener.

Victor Wooten

Drink directly from the source

Well that was all done with books, you know. Naturally, it wasn’t done with mirrors, this time it was done with books.

Charlie Parker

Full interview and transcript at: bobreynoldsmusic.com

Improvise using only one melodic segment that fits in many chords

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