14. Root Cycles

Peter McNeany
November 28/2023

The theory is primarily descriptive and not perceptive. Music is only observed and cataloged upon analysis, after the fact.

It’s necessary to play hundreds of thousands of times the Cycles to interiorize the sound of each one and recognize it when we hear it or hear it before playing it.

Root Cycles (RC) are a great tool for creating different colors and unexpected resolutions. RC stimulates creativity.

Root Cycles

Root movement: 1 semitone

Circle of fifths
Root movement: 5 semitones

Circle of major seconds
Root movement: 2 semitones

Circle of minor thirds
Root movement: 3 semitones

Circle of major thirds
Root movement: 4 semitones

Circle of tritone
Root movement: 6 semitones

More information about Root Cycles at musicintervaltheory.academy
The blue illustrations were taken from musicintervaltheory.academy

Let’s practice the progression of major thirds for a month.

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