6. Melodic Structure

Jerry Bergonzi
Chapter XII
Additional Groupings

Peter McNeaney
October 4/2023

Chapter XII


The four note grouping 3 5 6 7 | 3 4 5 7, is a significant melodic segment as it includes both the third and seven of the chord (…) the “guide tones” (…). They are the notes which actually gives the chord its particular sound.

Bergonzi (page 75)

One group note can be applied to different chords

1235 of C major is the same 3457 of A minor, 5679 of F major, etc.

Melodic segmentes can fit many chords. 1235 of C major can be adapted to the following chords:

Bergonzi (Pg. 77)
Bobby Shew Exercises
Daily practice routine suggestions
McWain, Chapter 4.

Improvise using only one melodic segment that fits in many chords

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