3. Melodic Structures

Jerry Bergonzi
Chapter VII

Peter McNeaney
September 12/2023

Chapter VII


C minor 1-3-4-5

Root Position = C Eb F G (“C” is the lowest tone, building upwards)

1st Inversion = Eb F G C ( “Eb” is the lowest tone)

2nd Inversion = F G C Eb. ( “F” is the lowest tone)

3rd Inversion = G C Eb F ( “G” is the lowest tone)

Play inversions with the track:


Play inversions on Autumn Leaves
Other Improvisation resources

Play popular standards in different keys

PRINT and PLAY Chet Baker’s improvisation with the recording.

Chesney Henry “Chet” Baker Jr. 
(December 23, 1929 – May 13, 1988)

Baker began his musical career singing in a church choir. His father gave him a trombone, before switching to the trumpet at the age of 13. His mother said that he had begun to memorize tunes on the radio before he was given an instrument

Baker received some musical education at Glendale High School, but he left school at the age of 16 in 1946 to join the United States Army. After leaving the Army in 1948, he studied music theory and harmony at El Camino College in Los Angeles. He dropped out during his second year to re-enlist. He became a member of the Sixth Army Band at the Presidio in San Francisco, spending time in clubs such as Bop City and the Black Hawk. He was discharged from the Army in 1951 and proceeded to pursue a career in music



In ii-V progression improvise on the ii or the V. e.g:

Play inversions simplifying in all keys

Do it with the tracks!

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